Accomodating me

This is documentation sufficient to establish that the employee has a covered disability and establish the need for the accommodation the employee seeks.

The documentation should not be a “blank check” to seek the employee’s entire medical record. Is my employer obligated to provide any accommodation that I request? Once your employer knows about your need for an accommodation, he or she must engage in an interactive process with you to help determine what accommodations might be appropriate.

You should also be aware that there are other laws that protect the rights of qualified persons with disabilities from discrimination in an employment context other than Title I of the ADA.

For example, state law, such as the California Fair Employment and Housing Act also protects qualified individuals with disabilities from discrimination in employment. Under the ADA, a reasonable accommodation includes modifications or adjustments that enable employees with disabilities to perform the essential functions of their job.

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Your employer does not have to provide the exact accommodation you are requesting, but must have meaningful discussions with you about what will work and what is reasonable.

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Mail Online has contacted Bieber's representatives for comment.

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