According to carbon 14 dating how old is the iceman dating advice wrong number

From the very beginning of human history about 6,000 years ago, man has been involved in agriculture. At some point after the Flood Noah also farmed the ground.The first time hunting is mentioned in Scripture is in the context of Noah’s great-grandson Nimrod who lived during the events at Babel and may have been a leader in that rebellion ().Also, because he had a full stomach, Ötzi probably was not on the run or involved in a battle.Of special interest were the “light bulb” moments where the scientists were shocked that the evidence didn’t fit their preconceived evolutionary beliefs—particularly regarding the intelligence of ancient man and the times in which he lived.This is one find that changes forever what we think about the past.The mind that can create that copper ax is practically, and for all purposes, the same mind that can create a computer, a circuit board. This is no surprise to biblical creationists who have been saying for years that ancient man was just as intelligent as modern man.

Most of the program consisted of this analysis, and I found it compelling to see how DNA, pollens, blood, and a host of other samples could be used to put the clues together like they were one giant jigsaw.This made me cringe since I underwent six of those procedures during my battle with leukemia, and they were quite painful—although obviously not for Ötzi.From this material, the researchers isolated some DNA, and they also found evidence of arthritis, atherosclerosis, and Lyme disease.Ancient man lacked the advantages of our modern technologies, but he was still as smart as we are today.When we start with the Word of God, we see that from the earliest times man possessed incredible technological acumen.

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