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Worse still, the global brand director at one of the big drinks companies told us: “Agencies are driven by their own outcomes – getting a bigger share of the business, doing work that’s easier, more profitable, but less effective, or winning an award or three.” Ouch. But either way, if your roster’s not melting your butter, you’ll need to separate the wheat from the chaff.Opening the floodgates to non-roster agencies probably doesn’t fill you with joy. They quaff the Kool-Aid and mythologise their own jargon: ‘Oh no,’ they sneer, ‘we’re not about creative business solutions.You can see the very best of what we see on Instagram at @duarteinc.And we’ll be sharing our experiences on our Duarte Facebook page.

The best ones know the marketplace and smart agencies recognise them as a route in. There’s another reason to search harder for innovation.The hype machine punts a new saviour every day: martech, digital transformation, customer experience, organisational design.However – and sit down for this – agencies don’t always tell the truth.Check out these channels for links to video and possibly other surprises, too (sorry, no interpretative dance … If you’re going to be SXSW from March 8-12, we’d love to meet you, hear the story behind your experience and share it with the world, and share intel on where the best food is. Of course, we’ll have some cool swag to hand out (well, as much of it as we can carry), but more than that we’d love to see your face.

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