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In December 2009, Simons visited her old secondary school, Watford Grammar School for Girls to open the Christmas fair.

In December 2011, Simons hosted the annual Action on Hearing Loss concert along with the Mayor of Camden.

Over the next few hours, they exchange knowing looks, wipe away tears, and reflect on their enduring bond.

"We used to joke that we were going to take over the world," says Simons.

Ali and I actually bonded when the waiter took our dessert order. " Carrie gave me a look and said, "You don't like nuts, either? RELATED: 15 Hollywood Friendships We Want In On GH: ALI: Even though I was 20 when we met, I wasn't the kind of girl who went clubbing.

GH: CARRIE: Well, my mom's been battling breast cancer for over a decade, but two years ago it metastasized to her brain. ALI: Carrie was in the delivery room when I went into labor with my daughter, Megan.

And no matter what's going on, Ali will text me and say, "How's Mom today? The doctor said I wouldn't deliver until four in the morning, so I told my husband, "Go get something to eat," but she stayed. But Carrie knows I still need to squeeze her hand before I walk out on set.

The thorough involvement of the audience made us all feel welcomed and enthusiastic about the show.

If there were a reality show on which sets of best friends fiercely competed, Alison "Ali" Sweeney and Carrie Simons would be a pretty tough team to topple.

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