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Along with his hideous wart, Lewbert has a shrill and obnoxiously whiney voice that is frequently used for complaining, screaming, and making little girls cry.

He briefly dated Marissa Benson but they broke up because he acted obnoxious and didn't care when her son Freddie fell down the stairs (on purpose to get her to stop dating Lewbert).

Louis "Lewbert" Sline is the mean, nasty, bad, and crazy doorman of Bushwell Plaza, Carly and Freddie's apartment building.

He is also notorious for stealing cookies from small children.

After that, he moved to Seattle, changed his last name and got his current job at Bushwell Plaza. According to i Hurt Lewbert, he has a pet lizard and he feeds him live bugs found in the corner of his apartment room.

Although it is not proven, it is possible that Lewbert was kind back before he met Marta! He asks Marissa why she broke up with him, and Marrisa reminds him that he yelled at Freddie who fell down the stairs and only cared about dinner reservations. It is revealed that Lewbert actually did want to marry Freddie's mom as foreshadowed in i Hurt Lewbert.

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Lewbert is also a self-proclaimed jerk, frequently misinforming the residents of the complex and starting loud, obnoxious arguments.

This is a mantra that could come in handy in the dating world.

I have more dating horror stories than I’d care to tell you, but the fact is that dating is not only time-consuming, it can also be annoying and difficult at best.

So stop looking for a wife, a husband or a long-term lover.

Just enjoy the ride and all the people you will meet along the way. Do you ‘enjoy the ride' or take things too seriously?

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