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I'd like to meat some friends in you are looking for friends in Taichung too,please left write down your Line or We Chat ID,or add Line ID is wesley_kai I'm Wesley Male 26 years oldlived in Taiping Taichung Hi I'm 25 female HK Chinese and speak English. Hi I'm Vincent I'm work in trading company for export hand tool, however my English ability that it is not good, I want to have some foreigner friend to improve my English as well as make more friends.I leave next weekend and would like to see if anyone would like to meet up over drinks / night out on Saturday /chat / social. If you don't mind my English is not good, we can be a friend also I can teach you Chinese and Taiwan's culture.This time of year, it’s not unusual for the city to see an influx of fresh meat bright and shiny new foreigners ready to seize every Xi’an day.Some of you are students, some of you are teachers, and some of you are here doing your own thing.

We Chat ID: Hash House Harriers 3 Xiao Cui Die Xi’an We love the local food here, but don’t always get the chance to highlight it in our issues as much as we’d like.

We can just talk by using email, or you can join my friends party ever weekend but they are Taiwanese and like to drink beer a lot.....

My email: [email protected] ignore this, if you don't want.

In this update - Compatibility with i Phone X - Filter your chat history for payment transactions- Set a reminder to alert you later of a chat message Latest updates - Notes in Favorites can be formatted with bulleted and numbered lists, and notes can be set to Sticky on Top of the chat screen- Generate your own tipping code and present to others to receive tips from other users (China-only)- Improved chat history search experience- A whole new design for i Pad including an dual column layout I got this because a friend of my sons parent uses it so when they play this is how we kept in contact. A few days into having it my account login was blocked saying I violated terms.

Article By XIANEASE It’s September again; the summer sun is finally tired of frying us and autumn is slowly but surely creeping in.

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