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Bogged down by its past, it has been a tough year for rugby.

Today was a feel-good day, for a sport that knows it has to adapt to survive.

Army captured an early lead just six minutes into the contest when a corner kick from rookie Emily Torres found firstie co-captain Clare Shea in the middle of the box. J., native flicked it forward for Lauren Mc Govern whose diving header found the twine to take the lead.

Rookie goalkeeper Sydney Cassalia came up with a big save in the 31st minute to keep the Black Knights ahead.

Their efforts concluded with a recruiting talk at Grady High school in Atlanta. Mc Cormick is a Vice President at Polaris and is responsible for Polaris Defense, the branch focused on military mobility solutions and combat platform designs. Mc Cormick briefed cadets on the Ultralight Tactical Vehicle (UTV) concepts used by Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and light infantry divisions.

The Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering hosted Mr. The discussion included details on the development of the M-RZR line of UTVs, including the spark ignition (SI or gasoline) and compression ignition (CI or diesel) power plant variants.

Ready-made supporters, ready to feast on the fast-paced and fun atmosphere that sevens provides.

Firstie Lauren Mc Govern scored the first goal of her career in the sixth minute to give the Army West Point women's soccer team a 1-0 victory over Loyola on Sunday at Clinton Field.Cadet Travis Greer, a yearling majoring in English, and MAJ Trivius Caldwell, an English instructor, traveled to the University of Louisville to co-deliver a talk to undergraduates entitled: A Body Avatar: The Tupac and Ta-Nehisi Nexus.This presentation focused on the residual effects of the institution of slavery and the poetry and literature that function to describe such atrocity.ARU chief executive Bill Pulver said the new competition was "enormously important" from a strategic point of view.He believed the arrangement the ARU had reached with the universities would benefit his organisation."We are underwriting the competition to the extent of all the costs associated with running the event," Pulver said at the competition's launch in Sydney."The universities are running all the costs associated with the teams.

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