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So let’s see if it can be given another lifetime of use in a slightly different form.Old saws filed so many times their tips resemble pencil-points usually aren’t worth the trouble, as when they get that thin and narrow they are too easily kinked, and this one’s no exception.These Keenkutter #88 skewback saws were made by Disston between 18 using #16 handles and probably P26 blades from the Harvey Peace factory they bought out, for which Disston offered custom etching in hardware store logos like EC Simmons’. I scribe the new profile onto the #120 blade, and use the bevel gage to duplicate the tip angle.I’ll make the #120 a 22-inch saw based on the amount of blade remaining.The easiest method is to mount the handle and carefully drill through it, indexing each fresh hole with a bolt to insure alignment is maintained.Clamp the saw down during drill extraction to prevent it riding up on the drill.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Yes, but this one is a Disston Acme 120, originally a cabinetmaker’s finish saw tapered and hardened to run without set, and one of Disston’s finest.You can’t buy a new Western hand saw of this quality today at any price.The files are chalked and frequently brushed both to keep them from clogging and to prevent stray filings from causing scratches during finishing.I rarely use chalk when jointing and sharpening however, as it often masks what I’m trying to see.

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