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Or you start making increasingly ambitious meals until it dawns that your friends are not just being polite when they compliment your cooking.

Or you get over your stage fright and blossom into a famous stand-up comedian thanks to all your failed relationship fodder.

It’s a phoenix process, dusting the char off your wings as you confront a new set of possibilities. If you just went through a major break-up, some of your couple friends may fade out faster than a one-night stand.

Your grandma may fret about your mental state and family-making prospects, while near strangers give you pep talks about how the right person is out there, presumably in cryogenic stasis awaiting your fairy-tale arrival to set them free.

The back story is that I started the year with a break-up, moved four times, lived in a warehouse with 13 roommates, traveled to Japan alone and discovered that online dating can be fun.

These posts highlight insights gained along the way. There was the nagging feeling I had toward the end of two major, cohabiting relationships. Not that I didn’t see the boyfriend every day, not that we lived in silence; yet even in the good moments, the isolation was an undercurrent, a cold throb that made it hard to enjoy pleasant times together.

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It’s gutting to realize you would be better off without the person you’ve invested years in, walking away from the comfortable–and comforting–life you built together.You focus on enriching your existing relationships, making new ones and, if you’re lucky (and it’s healthy) reconnecting with that person you were with before in some fresh form.You are older, wiser, solidified and open to whatever comes your way. In the realm of daily pragmatic matters, you discover the true extent of your capabilities, as things the other person took care of are now something you have to do.You chance upon hitherto unimaginable passions like redecorating your walls just to use the beast power drill you splurged on as a symbol of self-reliance.

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