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In the dream, as in real life, I had two choices: take money from this guy, or walk.

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He’s not really going to be happy about it.” The supermodel shared the tidbit during a game in which she had to guess who she had been photographed with throughout her career.

Until recently, my program directors had always made clear I wasn’t hired to teach—although I did teach, except for the year they owed me for the Guggenheim—I was hired because of my big work and big name.

Northwestern was so happy with my work they regularly featured it.

My husband knows about it and is fine with it, but he wants me to tell him all about it whenever I come home. So I said bluntly, “I want to work at Northwestern University again. The censorship continued, extending well over a year, until I threatened to go public. If Northwestern does make me an offer, at this point, it is hard to imagine it being an offer I would not refuse.

When I worked at Northwestern University, and not at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s medical school, I was able to do great work.” At that he protested. Then it magically ended, within twenty-four hours of my threat. (Read FIRE’s letter about it.) So, last month, I got an email that went out to all medical school faculty telling us we should turn in our Northwestern University ID cards and be issued Northwestern Medicine cards: "Starting today, the look of your campus access badge will reflect our Northwestern Medicine identity.

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