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Ursa doubted Sabine's possession of the Darksaber would change anything, especially after Sabine admitted she did not claim it from Maul through combat.

Ursa only ever wanted to protect her family, which led her to betray her daughter's trust in turning her friends over to Gar Saxon, only for Saxon to betray their agreement.

Even so, Sabine saved her mother from being killed by Saxon, and Ursa saved her daughter from Saxon after he tried to shoot Sabine in the back even after he'd been bested as a warrior by her.

Ursa and Sabine finally agreed that what happened next they would face it together and restore their people to freedom.

On the show, they have taken a break this season because Aria is going off to college and Ezra doesn’t want her to resent him.

As the show airs its Spring Finale on March 24, celebrate the lovable costars off-screen. Harding is tricked into helping a tag artist’s team help set a graffiti record, and is caught by the fake police and questioned. When Bullett asked if he was mad, he said, “Oh, God.

The one thing they agree on, is helping Ezra through his troubled past.

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Sabine has revealed next to nothing about her family, aside from that her mother was a member of Death Watch due to Clan Wren being affiliated with House Vizla.As Aria and Ezra, Lucy Hale and Ian Harding have such undeniable chemistry that they always get asked if they are dating.To the disappointment of Ezria fans everywhere, they are both taken, but still have a extremely close friendship.As the two youngest members of the crew of the Ghost, Sabine and Ezra were good friends.Ezra instantly developed a crush on Sabine the moment she first revealed her beauty to him, and attempted to flirt with her.

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