Intentional dating relationship

Sometimes they talk about diapers and spit-up far more than I care to hear.Sometimes I wonder how they can care so little about the things we used to have in common. It just means we have to fight a little harder to stay close.The choice to be a committed friend – without the fancy ceremony and the registry and the dancing and the champagne – might be even greater.Because you see, my friend and I have never officially committed to be friends forever.

And while some of these seasons are more pleasant to remember than others, I am so thankful none of these relationships has dissolved.The thing I’ve learned through these experiences and what I’ve recently realized is that marriage relationships aren’t the only ones we should commit to uphold and fight to maintain.In fact, I think there are four specific circumstances when we should ensure we are intentional about loving our friends: I used to think conflict was a sign of an unhealthy relationship.I’ve learned having things in common does keep you closer, but it doesn’t make friends with whom I have little in common right now any less special. When my friends have experienced tragedy or just painful circumstances, I haven’t always known how to be supportive and ashamedly, as a result, haven’t been as supportive as I should have been. Is it less painful for them if I just take a step back?Am I making it harder by consistently telling them I’m praying for them or touching base?

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