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At some point, however, you may come to the point of recognizing that you are in fact, gay.

And as with any major life chance or decision, you may naturally begin to move through a number of stages as you grow and deal with that change.

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We quickly became friends and I fell hopelessly in love with her, after about to weeks of going on dates and hanging out I found the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend.

Anyway back to the topic, after I was dumped I met this gorgeous young girl a year older them me with the most striking green eyes I still to this day have ever seen.

Ever since, she’s been the one I hold deeply in my heart.” – Missy “My first experience was wen I was 15 I liked this girl but she had a bf we played truth or dare nd I was dared to kiss her. but there was a short asian woman right beside her who kept looking at her phone, she didnt say much to me at all. That day I skipped school, i went over to her house and she started making out with me, slid her hand down my pants.. I guess the sex was THAT good.” – Danielle “My very first experience happened with my friend when we were 16.

I always found her attractive but nvr knew y.day we started dating I went over her house nd we made out. the next day at school i couldnt help but look at every girl and wonder what they sounded like in bed. she was the first girl i ever stayed with for longer than two weeks. We were hanging out, waiting to go watch a showing. Since it was midday during the summer, the place was deserted.

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