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His parents worked in another city so he was living with his grandparents, and they ate dinner so early he got hungry at night.He says the show made his dining more regular, although most of his meals on Afreeca TV begin after 10pm. “People say hello to me on the street even though I’m just an ordinary third-grader in the middle school,” he said. That’s the perk of a personal broadcast.” Many connect the popularity of Meok Bang to the increasing number of South Koreans who live alone, and to the strong social aspects of food in this society.He believes TV in the long run will be completely replaced by such apps.Cho Young-min, a 12-year-old who has watched an online game show on Afreeca TV since he was a third-grader, aspires to have his own show on Afreeca TV, not on the TV in the living room.Then there is “Study Bang” or broadcast studying: A screen shows the hand of an unidentified person writing notes on a thick book under the light of a desk lamp.About 60 per cent of the 8 million unique monthly visitors to Afreeca TV are teens or in their 20s.Free Asian chat rooms for all Asians, including multi-racial and mixed descent nationalities, Asian Europeans, Asian-Americans, Asian-Canadians are all welcome as well as those looking for Chinese Chat, Japanese Chat, Filipino Chat or Korean Chat Rooms.

While the internet has been making stars for years – from bloggers to gamers who play for millions of You Tube viewers – outsiders may find it puzzling, if not outright bizarre, for young people to spend hours watching someone eating.

But in South Korea, Afreeca TV has become a big player in the internet subculture and a crucial part of social life for teens.

Shows like Kim’s are known as “Meok Bang,” a mash-up Korean word of broadcast and eating.

Afreeca TV said out of some 300,000 broadcasters who air their show at least once a month, top 500 make more than what one would normally make by working full time, but the company declined to be more specific.

In 2013, a South Korea television network TV Chosun cited a lawmaker’s office that the top Afreeca TV host earned 298 million won a year.

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