Play wii games that require system update without updating

As you will no doubt be aware, the Wii U will have backwards compatibility with Nintendo's previous console - but it's not ready out of the box.IGN has reported that upon inserting a Wii disc into the console, they were notified that an update is necessary to play the game.The design and layout of the Users Settings screen has been updated, including the ability to switch the active user from the User Settings screen.Parents can now restrict their children from accessing a Nintendo Network ID from other devices such as PCs or smartphones.(When displaying Wii software on the TV and Game Pad, the Game Pad buttons cannot be used to control the game.A Wii Remote/Wii Remote Plus is required to control the game, using the Game Pad’s sensor bar.)Dolby® Pro Logic® II Surround Sound support has been added for Wii software that supports this feature.Wii U software, user data and Wii-related items can be transferred.

Right now it's already pretty clear that if you're one of those people then you are going to miss out on a vast majority of the Wii U has to offer.Quick Start is ideal for users who want to start playing games right away.With this service you can receive occasional notifications from Nintendo about selected games and products, special promotions and more.An option to hide certain applications from the Quick Start screen has been added in Quick Start Settings under Power Settings.The option to transfer data from one Wii U console to another is now available in System Settings.

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