Quicken bank of america credit card not updating

When I tried to catch up I found that the downloads work for only a 2-month span and I had missed more time than that.

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Maybe online apps that manage money will get smarter with new Browser Plugins like Google Gears (once there's a security story).Now, I want to do a new automatic update to the bank account to make sure that mechanism is working again and I can't figure out how to initiate that transfer!I guess I've forgotten how or Quicken is no longer giving me a path to do that.Quicken has a nasty habit of rearranging their menus every year and even renaming some menu selections, so I can't be more specific on where the import function might be on whatever version you're using.Also note some bank websites may limit the download time span to 60 days or 90 days at a time, in which case you'd need to split the downloads into two contiguous time spans and import both files into Quicken.

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