Sql queries for updating a column Germany adult

An error occurs is the specified index name already exists.MAXDOP = Overrides the existing maximum degree of parallelism server configuration for the duration of the index operation.For example, you can specify different columns, or index options.DROP_EXISTING = OFF An error is displayed if the specified index name already exists.If no location is specified and the table is not partitioned, the index uses the same filegroup as the underlying table or view. "default" To create the index on the default filegroup, use "default" or [ default ].

The index can have a filtered condition and does not need to include all of the columns of the underlying table.The columnstore index requires enough space to store a copy of the data.It is updateable and is updated as the underlying table is changed.See Limitations and Restrictions for a list of the supported data types.ON [ Specifies the one-, two-, or three-part name of the table that contains the index.

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