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Select All() End With End Try End If End Sub This guarantees either the error message is shown to the user indicating that they need to enter a salesperson's name or the calculation logic is performed, but not both.

Text = Format Currency(sub Total Price taxes) lbltaxes Price.

when i will enter the active directory account name and its password i want to go to another form. in this code example i chose the account for login only. Video Chat, VOIP Phone, Video Sharing Module, Flash Games, Friends Module, Flash Chat with Multiple Rooms, 3D Chat, Groups, Classifieds, Events, Greetings' Recording, Photo Gallery, Forum, Blogs, Biorhythm, Love Calculator, Unlimited Languages.If you are planning to build a professional community, this software is what you need!For example, a user must enter a name, and two numeric amounts. Click 'Declare Variables Dim Selling Price, Cost Value, Commission As Decimal 'Test to see if a name was provided the Name Text Box If Name Text Box. Show("Please enter a Salesperson's name", "No entry", Message Box Buttons. Show("Value must be a numeric value.", "Invalid Input", Message Box Buttons. I am trying to create an error if the Name text box is left empty, stop the program from calculating the two amounts and return the insertion point to the Name text box. The If/Then statement I currently have does not stop the program from calculating (I am just starting out so go easy on me): Private Sub Calculate Button_Click(sender As System.

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