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So just as I did with cars, I learned some things for myself.

You can't watch a youtube video - the screen says "You either have javascript turned off or your Adobe Flash is too old" or such like.

I went to the site (not using windows update, but the nvidia driver site directly) typed in my specs, 64 bit windows 7, and it gave me driver 257.

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If this is the problem, you enable it, restart your computer and away you go! This info is all over the net when you type in this question. but you have the same problem - then you must go to your pc Security system, Norton or whatever it is. Shut it all down, ie change the settings to leave your pc without protection.i cant seem to solv the problem its gettin on my nervs TBH! iff any ov u now how to solv it please add my emial.. But a lot of people do not know, that Mozilla apparently set to dial-up connection, when you install it on your computer, so you have to make a little change in the Mozilla configuration-depending on your internet connection: dial-up, wireless, dsl or cabel!!!!!!! BEST REGARDS HHi need to figure that out to but did you download 6.10 ver. I disabled Norton Internet Security and left the Norton Anti-Virus on.and do not forget the condition of your computer, CPU and RAM!!!! MY PROBLEM IS THAT I CAN'T WATCH VIDEO CLIPS IN YOIUTUBE OR ANY OTHER WEBSITE. step 1 go to system update and go to update via internet easy but you need to have internet or wifi when it goes to something else keep going with the process and you will be done I started having the same problem when I installed the 4 months free trial of Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Security. I went to You Tube and installed the Adobe Flash Player 10.First, go to Tools at top of page, then scroll down to Internet Options, click Security heading and go to Custom Level.In there, scroll down til you come to the section for Active Script.

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